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Top 15 Worst Hotels in the World

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There are a lot of horrible hotels all around the world, but only a few of them can be described as the worst. As far as travel and leisure goes, we are always looking for the best options that money can buy. However, a big price tag is not always synonymous with quality service. This is particularly true with the worst hotels. These hotels don’t just have bad service, bad food or cracked walls. They also expect you to give them a lot of money. In this sense, the worst hotels are those that make your vacation an overpriced, crappy, and uncomfortable mess.
 Worst Hotels in the World
Imagine for a moment visiting a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with bad food and poor service, along with a ridiculously overpriced bill. That is what a bad hotel is really like. In addition to making your stay horrible, they also expect you to pay a lot of money for it. These hotels exist all over the world, and to help you figure out which of them you should avoid, it helps to have a few examples to look at. So if you’re wondering what sort of hotels you should avoid, here are the 15 Worst Hotels in the World.

1. Grand Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Grand Hotel Berlin Germany
Despite its glitzy appearance, the Grand Hotel is not only overpriced, most of its clientele are also difficult to deal with. So although the Grand Hotel may seem like a great place for your vacation, you better be ready to handle the type of people who stay there.

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119 responses to “Top 15 Worst Hotels in the World”

  1. williams daramola says:

    This is very serious

  2. Bell says:

    While in Gatlenburg, Tennessee for a school choir trip, we stayed at a Red Roof Inn. It was HORRIBLE. The pool was mostly drained, and what was left was a sickly green color. Our room was dark and dirty with mold in the showers and as if THAT weren’t bad enough, we found DOG POOP behind the curtain! I’m also pretty sure there were bugs in the bed.

  3. mary says:

    A couple of years ago i stayed at carter hotel in nyc…
    The hall was creppy and had the smell of dirty feet… but for 99 a night in nyc and travelling ALONE. I had no problem with it… i only used it for sleeping during the 3 days i stayed… for the college student budget… it was ok… (of course ive been in hotels 10 times better but i wanted to spend in everything else manhattan has to offer. The carter is next to times square )

  4. Lily M says:

    About 6 years ago, I stayed at Hotel & Cabanas Del Lago, in Puerto Varas, Chile, and thought it was a very nice staying. Great accomodation, excellent restaurant, wonderful breakfast buffet, not to mention the view to the lake, breathtaking. Should I live a hundred years, I’ll never forget waking up facing that view. I’m shocked to see it featured on this list.

  5. lea c says:

    Lily m. the blogger mention only that the hotel is old.6 years ago you been there.Its already change.

  6. lanpher says:

    last year my husband and I, who were both ill w heart problems at the time, were moving across the US. We pulled over exhausted at Americas Best Value Inn at Holbrook, AZ. When my husband went in to register, the middle eastern gentleman behind the counter became extremely rude with my husband just because my husband asked if they had any rooms.trying to work past it because we were too so tired, my husband persisted and trying to work with the gentleman and ask if we

  7. Claire Barker says:

    Casa Grande hotel in Barbados, avoid like a plague.

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