10 World’s Weirdest Hotels

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If you’re tired of staying in luxury hotels, you might want to try out some of the many unique and sometimes strange hotels that can be found all over the world. If you want a change from the cookie-cutter hotels you’re used to, try one of the following 10 hotels on your next trip.
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1. CasAnus


CasAnus is a giant sculpture of a human intestine that is located in Kemzeke, Belgium. CasAnus was created by Joep Van Lieshout. It contains a double bed, heater, shower, and toilet. CasAnus is run by a couple of Belgian art collectors. While it might not look especially appealing from the outside, except for being in the middle of nature, the inside of the room is as comfy as any place else.

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  1. Kemin lumilinna is a snow Hotel in Kemi, Finland.

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  3. subhash

    love dat capsule hotel.

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  5. Oh i’ve lived in the icehotel in Sweden, you think it’s gonna be freaking ice cold but it’s actually alright with a couple of blankets! And my parents got married in the ice church right next to it haha :)

  6. I live in Sweden and i have never heats of the last one …..

    • Living in Sweden and have never heard of Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel? Try Google or your nearest tourist info.

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