7 Best Museums You Must Visit in New York

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Amazing paintings, incredible sculptures, and many other awe-inspiring pieces you may find in these 7 New York museums. Not only tourists, but even the natives love to explore their sacred halls. It doesn’t matter whether you like modern art, old masters’ work, Expressionism, surrealism, or historical objects, I’m sure in this list of 7 best museums you must visit in New York you’ll find something you love.

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York.
Photo: thomas

The Metropolitan museum of Art is not only one of the best museums it’s also one of the greatest attractions in New York. The museum includes 2 million works of art spanning 19 different departments. It always has the new exhibitions and shows. If you decide to spend the whole day in the museum, you can have a little brunch in the cafe or enjoying dinner in the museum’s restaurant to the local music. You will enjoy Ancient Egyptian pieces, the European masters’ works, old and contemporary American works, and much more.

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