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Top 10 Best Airports in the World

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For travelers weary of long lines at security checkpoints and overpriced fast food, the idea that any airport could be viewed as “best” may seem laughable. However, for travelers lucky enough to have flights that originate or end at any of the airports listed below, the word “best” is totally appropriate. These outstanding airports received the most votes from more than twelve million travelers who participated in a survey administered by Skytrax. Awards for the 2013 World’s Best Airport and nine runners-up were announced at passenger terminal EXPO in Geneva, Switzerland. The winning airports were located largely in Europe and Asia, with only one representative from North America and none from Australia, South America or Africa.  The United States was also notably absent from the list of winners.

Best Airports in the World

1. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport claimed top prize for the fourth time since the Skytrax awards were initiated, having last won the title in 2010. In addition to winning the top overall award, Singapore Changi Airport, which served more than fifty million passengers in 2012, was named Best Airport in Asia and Best Airport for Leisure Amenities.

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320 responses to “Top 10 Best Airports in the World”

  1. Vikash Mazumdar says:

    Got a chance to experience Changi, Heathrow, Munich, Dubai, Sydney, Bangkok, KL and some more…
    Just curious where is Delhi T3 placed???

  2. jean says:

    I don’t aggree , the Munich Airport is not to be classified in the 10 best airports;
    You can be lost very easliy, because of a very bad signalisation

  3. Mike says:

    Any airport where customs don’t have that mistrusting look on their face and treat travelers as people and not as criminals should be in the top 10 yes. So Changi and Hong Kong are a good choice.

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