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Top 10 Best Airports in the World

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For travelers weary of long lines at security checkpoints and overpriced fast food, the idea that any airport could be viewed as “best” may seem laughable. However, for travelers lucky enough to have flights that originate or end at any of the airports listed below, the word “best” is totally appropriate. These outstanding airports received the most votes from more than twelve million travelers who participated in a survey administered by Skytrax. Awards for the 2013 World’s Best Airport and nine runners-up were announced at passenger terminal EXPO in Geneva, Switzerland. The winning airports were located largely in Europe and Asia, with only one representative from North America and none from Australia, South America or Africa.  The United States was also notably absent from the list of winners.

Best Airports in the World

1. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport claimed top prize for the fourth time since the Skytrax awards were initiated, having last won the title in 2010. In addition to winning the top overall award, Singapore Changi Airport, which served more than fifty million passengers in 2012, was named Best Airport in Asia and Best Airport for Leisure Amenities.

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317 responses to “Top 10 Best Airports in the World”

  1. Peter Kragh says:

    I have visited all the airports listed except from Haneda and Zürich. I have been in and out of Dubai several times and please stop raving about it. It doesn’t come close to the so many of the other airports for the following reasons:

    Impolite and arrogant local staff at immigration that doesn’t care about long lines at immigration: At least half an hour every time.

    Many flights are parked so far away from the terminals which is annoying and increases travelling time considerably.

    Terminals are too packed, poor shopping and no good spaces for relaxing.

  2. sean says:

    conspicuous absence of american airports on here. most are old, outdated, but atlanta is one of the best ive been to in the world. beijing and schipnol do not belong on this list.

  3. Siti Robinson says:

    I totally disagree that Heathrow is ranked 10th. Just got back from our 2 weeks summer holiday in the UK and Paris and had to fly to and from T5 six times and all six times were a painful experience. The sixth visit to T5 was the worst experience we’ve ever had travelling wise. The check staffs are rude and arrogant. They acted like they are doing us a favour by checing us in and not because it’s their job to do so. We will be avoiding T5 by not flying with BA in the future, that’s how bad it was. Paris’ CDG is way better than Heathrow T5 and that’s saying something. Agree that Singapore Changi should be at the top. I question Skytrax’s decision to put Heathrow at number 10.

  4. Samir Harshad says:

    How can Dubai not be on this list? It has the finest airport, well done interior, check in, baggage clearance, huge passenger footfall, strategic location in the Middle East ans the world. You can’t keep it out of the top ten list – sure.

  5. karen yap says:

    Never had the chance tobtravel worldwide.
    the recession hit me the moment u graduated and airlines were hard to get into.
    blame the weather.

  6. karen yap says:

    Never had the chance to travel.

  7. Shapour Vaezi says:

    I have just come back from S.Korea. In fact I flew by Korean Air Line from Dubai to Seol.I had a digestive problem and I preferred not to have neither dinner nor breakfast. All the time the steward and stewards asked me if I had any thing to need.They were really very friendly and helpful.Then on arrival tofficers and check points were very polite and friendly too.I enjoyed my trip to Korea well.

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